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Winsor and Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oils

The key difference between Winsor and Newton's Artisan oils and conventional oils are their ability to thin and clean up with water. Hazardous solvents are not necessary for Artisan oils and artists can enjoy a safer painting environment, making it ideal for artists who share a work space, schools or painting at home.
Please note: The colors below exist as a guide only. They are not exact.

Winsor and Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colors

Water Soluble Oils

A new way of painting with oil colour!
Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colours have been specifically developed to appear and work just like conventional oil colors. Read more


37 ml Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colours

Item Number Color Name List Price 40% Off Order
WN1514074 Burnt Sienna $8.99 $5.39
WN1514076 Burnt Umber $8.99 $5.39
WN1514090 Cadmium Orange Hue $8.99 $5.39
WN1514095 Cadmium Red Hue $8.99 $5.39
WN1514098 Cadmium Red Deep Hue
$8.99 $5.39
WN1514099 Cadmium Red Medium $17.99 $10.79
WN1514100 Cadmium Red Light $17.99 $10.79
WN1514104 Cadmium Red Dark $17.99 $10.79
WN1514109 Cadmium Yellow Hue
$8.99 $5.39
WN1514113 Cadmium Yellow Light $17.99 $10.79
WN1514115 Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue
$8.99 $5.39
WN1514116 Cadmium Yellow Medium $17.99 $10.79
WN1514119 Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue $8.99 $5.39
WN1514137 Cerulean Blue $17.99 $10.79
WN1514138 Cerulean Blue Hue $8.99 $5.39
WN1514178 Cobalt Blue $17.99 $10.79
WN1514179 Cobalt Blue Hue $8.99 $5.39

Dioxazine Purple

$8.99 $5.39
WN1514263 French Ultramarine $8.99 $5.39
WN1514317 Indian Red $8.99 $5.39
WN1514331 Ivory Black $8.99 $5.39
WN1514337 Lamp Black
$8.99 $5.39
WN1514346 Lemon Yellow $8.99 $5.39
WN1514380 Magenta $8.99 $5.39
WN1514422 Naples Yellow Hue $8.99 $5.39
WN1514447 Olive Green $8.99 $5.39
WN1514465 Payne's Gray $8.99 $5.39
WN1514468 Permanent Alizarin Crimson $8.99 $5.39
WN1514502 Permanent Rose $8.99 $5.39
WN1514503 Permanent Sap Green $17.99 $10.79
WN1514514 Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) $8.99 $5.39
WN1514521 Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)
$8.99 $5.39
WN1514522 Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) $8.99 $5.39
WN1514538 Prussian Blue
$8.99 $5.39
WN1514552 Raw Sienna $8.99 $5.39
WN1514554 Raw Umber $8.99 $5.39
WN1514644 Titanium White $8.99 $5.39
WN1514692 Viridian $17.99 $10.79
WN1514744 Yellow Ochre $8.99 $5.39
WN1514748   Zinc White $8.99 $5.39

200 ml Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour

Item Number
List Price
30% Off
Titanium White, 200 ml

Winsor and Newton Artisan Beginners Set

These economically priced, genuine oil colors clean up with soap and water, and with five non-hazardous mediums, you can achieve all the traditional oil painting techniques and styles.
Artisan Beginners Set includes six 1.25 fluid ounce tubes of water mixable oil colours: Cadmium Yellow Pale, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine, Phthalo Green (blue shade), Yellow Ochre and Titanium White.

Winsor and Newton Artisan Beginners Set

Item Number
List Price
Sale Price
Artisan Beginners Set, Water Mixable Oil Colours

Prices given in US Dollars

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