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 Bockingford>® Mill History


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The story of the "Bockingford Waterford Series", like the history of St. Cuthberts Mill, entails a heritage of skill and a dedication to quality in the best papermaking tradition.

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     Established in 1816 near the mineral-rich River Axe, St. Cuthberts produced an excellent writing and printing papers.  This was perpetuated by the Inveresk Paper Company, when they took over in 1938.  In pursuance of excellence as a guiding principle, Inveresk decided to acquire the Wookey Hole Mill, which dates back to 1610.  Thus another Mill specializing in superior watercolour paper was established.  It was, therefore, only fitting that Inveresk should bring to it a paper with a fine tradition of its own:  Bockingford Watercolour Paper.

Rapidly increasing demand saw production of the superb paper switched (equipment and all) up to St. Cuthberts in 1972, and nine years later the Georgia-Pacific Corporation of USA heralded the creation of G-P Inveresk by undertaking a three-year modernization  program at the mill.

This culminated in the manufacture of a new, enhanced product, the " Bockingford Waterford Series"; yet another example of how St. Cuthberts continue to adhere to the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship, combined with the most modern production and control methods.

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