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DecoArt Special Effect Mediums & Paints

Choose from a wide variety of Deco Art glitters,Texture Glass, glow-in-the-dark painting mediums and snow-tex. All of these high quality Deco Art mediums will add excitement and beauty to your art or craft project. Make your next project shine!

Save 30-50% off the list!
Certified AP Non-toxic Seal Certified AP Non-toxic.

DecoArt Snow-Tex & Glistening Snow-Tex

Regular Snow-Tex is a very popular white opaque medium for texturizing on wood or other craft items. Apply with a brush, sponge, palette knife or other tool to create realistic dimensional effects such as snow, stucco, terrain, etc.
Adheres to all surfaces. May be thinned with water and/or tinted with acrylics. Dries permanently hard within 2-3 hours. Non-toxic. Available in 2, 4 and 16 ounce jars.
Glistening Snow-Tex - Create the look of real snow with a shimmering sparkle on nearly all craft surfaces. Dries to a hard, yet flexible finish that won't crack or peel.
Snow Writer - Write or draw to add dimensional designs to ornaments, scrapbooks, gift bags, cards and most other surfaces. If desired sprinkle with Glamour Dust while wet to add sparkle to projects.
Want your snow to sparkle?
Just sprinkle Glamour Dust over your Snow-Tex while it's still wet! 

DecoArt Snow-Tex, 16 oz.
DecoArt Snow Tex Logo - Seasonal Products
DecoArt Glistening Snow-Tex, 2 oz.
DecoArt Snow Writer, 2 oz. DecoArt Snow-Tex, 4 oz.
Item Number Description List Price You pay only! Order
DAS96-2 2 oz. Snow Writer $3.99 $2.79
DAS46-3 2 oz Glistening Snow-Tex $2.99 $2.09 Currently unavailable
DAS9-2 2 oz Snow-Tex
$2.78 $1.95
DAS9-4 4 oz Snow-Tex $4.30 $3.87
DAS9-16 16 oz JUMBO Snow-Tex $11.50 $6.99

Deco Art Glo-It

DecoArt Glo-It is a luminescent paint that creates glow-in-the-dark affects on craft projects or fabric. Can be mixed with light transparent acrylic colors. Dries in 24-48 hours. Waterproof. Non-toxic.

DecoArt 1 oz. Glo-It
Item Number List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS2-1 $3.78 $2.65

DecoArt Glamour Dust, 2 oz.

DecoArt Glamour Dust

Use Glamour Dust to add sparkle to your painted fabrics or craft projects! Glamour Dust is a fine, dry sparkle dust. Varnish or paint your surface and while it's wet, simply shake a little Glamour Dust onto the wet surface. Dries permanent and beautiful.
Safe AP non-toxic. 2 oz. bottles.

Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS37 Crystal $5.00 $3.50
DAS61 Gold $5.00 $3.50 Backordered from the manufacturer.

DecoArt Craft Twinkles, 2 oz.

DecoArt Craft Twinkles

Make it sparkle! Paint over any hard surface work to add sparkle. 

Best coverage in glitter paint. Use on wood, plaster, paper mache and more. Not for wearable fabrics. Best when two coats are applied. Non-toxic.

Available in 2 ounce squeeze bottles.

Item Number Color List Price 30% Off Buy
DACT01 Crystal, Craft Twinkle $2.48 $1.74
DACT02 Silver, Craft Twinkle $2.48 $1.74
DACT03 Gold, Craft Twinkle $2.48 $1.74

Deco Art Star Lite Topcoat, 2 oz.

DecoArt Star-Lite Top Coat

Soft Glittering Top Coat - Dries to a crystal clear glittering finish.  Used over your painted work on hard surface, flecks of glitter are spaced out like stars. May be used as a top coat for any acrylic paint.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS32-2 2 oz $2.58 $1.81

DecoArt Dimensional Effects Texture Paste

DecoArt Dimensional Effects 4 oz.

DecoArt Dimensional Effects paintable texture paste adds dimensional accents to mixed media, collage art, paintings, home decor such as frames, furniture, vases, glasses, ornaments, birdhouses, baskets and more. Easy to apply with a palette knife or stiff brush. Apply over stencils to add flowers, borders, monograms and other designs. Dries to a opaque white color.

Available in a 4 oz. jar.

Item Number Description List Price You pay only! Order
DAS109C 4 oz Dimensional Effects $6.48 $3.24

DecoArt Pearlizing Medium, 2 oz.

DecoArt Pearlizing Medium

DecoArt Pearlizing Medium gives acrylics the shimmer of pearls.  Stir well in a mix of 1 to 1, or, 2 to 1 if more shimmer is desired.  Non-Toxic.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS48-2 2 oz $2.14 $1.50

DecoArt Glow in the Dark Paint, 2 oz.

Adds luminescent affects to most craft surfaces when charged with light. Works great with black lights. Use alone or mix with your acrylic paint. Works best with transparent or light colors.
Ideal for Halloween crafts, adding stars to the walls of kids' rooms, and decorative painting highlights.
Non-Toxic. 2 oz. squeeze bottle.
Suitable for use on glass, styrofoam, candles, paper mache, wood, ceramics, Halloween costumes and more.

DecoArt Glow in the Dark Medium

DecoArt Glow in the Dark Medium

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS50-2 2 oz $3.26 $2.28

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