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Deco Art Painting Mediums

Deco Art Americana Mediums are high quality painting mediums at low prices! They are certified AP non-toxic and are easy to clean up with soap and water. Enjoy using these painting mediums in your next art or craft project!

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Certified AP Non-toxic Seal Certified AP Non-toxic.
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DecoArt Drying Time Extender Medium

DecoArt Drying Time Extender Medium

Increases the amount of open time that you have when working with acrylic paint. Mix 1:1 with acrylic paint for stroke work. Dip brush in medium, then paint for shading and highlighting.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS1-2 2 oz $2.14 $1.50

DecoArt Canvas Gel Medium

Makes acrylics perform more like oils.  Extends drying time and enables layering of paint on canvas.  Helps in blending.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS5-2 2 oz $2.14 $1.50

DecoArt Weathered Wood Crackle Medium

Americana Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood is a crackling medium which, when used with Americana Acrylics, will achieve an aged, cracked, antiqued or distressed wood finish on most hard craft surfaces.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS8-2 2 oz $2.14 $1.50
DAS8-8 8 oz $6.30 $4.41

DecoArt Clear Art Glaze - Faux Glazing Medium

DecoArt Faux Glazing Medium, 2 oz.

For glazing and Faux finishes.  Transparent medium dries quickly and permanently.  Good for layering and creating Zhostovo Florals.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS18-2 2 oz $2.14 $1.50


DecoArt Paint Adhesion Medium

DecoArt Paint Adhesion Medium, 2 oz.

DecoArt Paint Adhesion Medium enables your acrylic paint to stick to any slick surface such as: plastics, metal, wax, soap, glass, porcelain, glazed ceramics and more! Mix 50-50 with acrylic paint.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS39 2 oz $2.14 $1.50

DecoArt Staining Antiquing Medium

Mix equal parts with your acrylic color and apply with brush or soft cloth.  Leave on heavy or thin as desired.  Can be used to create shading. Moisture reactive. Use spray sealer to seal.  Non-Toxic.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS51-2 2 oz $2.14 $1.50

DecoArt One-Step Crackle Medium

Creates fine crackle finish instantly!  Easy one-step process; Apply over an acrylic painted surface. May also be antiqued for "old world" crackle effect.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS69C 2 oz $2.26 $1.58

DecoArt Two-Step Perfect Crackle Medium

Two-step crackle process - Add an aged, crackled effect to decorative designs. Use over DecoArt paints on a variety of surfaces.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAPK88 4 fl. oz. $4.50 $3.15

MagiKote Styrofoam Surface Coating, 8 oz.

DecoArt Americana MagiKote, 8 oz

DecoArt MagiKote Surface Coating transforms Styrofoam into a smooth, hard, paint-able surface. Carve, combine or sculpt ordinary Styrofoam shapes and then cover with MagiKote for a smooth paint-able finish. Only 2-3 coats needed.

Available in an 8 ounce squeeze bottle.

Item Number

List Price 30% Off


DAS105-8 $6.00 $4.20

DecoArt Easy Float, 2 oz.

Easy Float is a blending and floating medium for use with acrylic paints. It makes floating color easier for creating shading and highlighting effects on painting projects. Easy Float more than doubles the distance generally covered with one brush load. It improves line work and makes stroke work easier. If overused it does extend the drying time. Non-toxic and waterbased for easy clean up. Sold in a 2 oz bottle.

DecoArt Easy Float, 2 oz.
Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS20-2 2 oz $2.14 $1.50 Discontinued by the manufacturer.


DecoArt Thickening Medium

White gel that adds dimension to your paint.  Does not change the color of the paint.  Mix equal parts of thickener to paint.  Apply with brush, knife or spatula.  Cover with spray varnish to protect.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Buy
DAS44-2 2 oz $2.14 $1.50 Discontinued by the manufacturer.


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