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Artists Sketching and Drawing Paper Supplies

Bee Aquabee Super Deluxe Sketch Roll

Bee Aquarelle Super Deluxe Sketch Roll

Natural white, heavyweight, textured paper has a neutral ph and is double-sized to accept wet media. It also renders beautiful results with charcoal, pencil, and more.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Order
BEE808R 36" x 5 yd. $34.95 $24.47

Pigment Marker Paper Pads, 9" x 12" - 50 sheets

Smooth coated, Winsor & Newton pigment marker paper is ideal for blending and colour vibrancy. 20 lb. (75 gsm), 50 sheets, 9" x 12".
Specially designed for use with pigment markers, this unique paper has a smooth coating that allows the pigments to sit on the surface of the paper for minimal absorption, a slower drying time, and max blendability. Pigment Marker Paper has a clean white color that promotes contrast and color vibrancy.

Pigment Marker Pad, 9" x 12" Winsor and Newton Artists Pigment Markers

Item Number List Price Sale Price Order
WN6001001 $13.99 $9.99

Strathmore Designs for Watercolor Pads

Strathmore's Designs for Watercoloring pads feature preprinted patterns to paint and color! The pads are made up of 140lb. Cold Press 5 x 7 inch paper sheets that feature pre-printed Zenspriations® designs by Joanne Fink. Joanne has designed eight individual pre-printed designs in the themes of Flowers, Nature and Abstract. The pre-printed Zenspriations® illustrations allow you to savor the convenient calming experience of painting a simple composition. Your finished 5 x 7 inch watercolor painting can be framed or used as a postcard!

Key features:
5" x 7" - 8 designs - 140 lb. cold press - Acid free - Made in the USA

Strathmore Designs for Watercoloring - Flower Designs

Strathmore Designs for Watercoloring, Watercolor Pads

Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Order
ST704-21 Nature Designs $6.99 $4.89
ST704-22 Flower Designs $6.99 $4.89
ST704-23 Abstract Designs $6.99 $4.89

Strathmore Artist Tiles, 300 Series
Strathmore Artist Tiles

Strathmore 300 Series Artist Tiles are ideal for pattern drawing and meditative art such as Zentangle. Bristol artist tiles with a fine, vellum surface. Acid free. For finished artwork - dry media. Made in the USA.

4" x 4" - 20 tiles per pack - 100 lb.

Item Number List Price Sale Price Order
ST105-970 $5.15 $3.61


Newsprint 50 Sheet Pack

50 sheets per pad - 32# high bulk, white newsprint - rough, workable surface - accepts pencil, chalk, pastel, crayon and charcoal - ideal for quick sketches and studies - contains recycled fiber and can be recycled.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Order
PA22007 18" x 24" $11.19 $7.83

Strathmore Windpower Drawing


Strathmore Windpower Drawing Pad

Strathmore Windpower Drawing PadRecycled Post Consumer Fibers

We are proud to carry Strathmore's new drawing paper made by 100% wind generated electricity! Using this drawing paper will allow you to contribute to creating a healthier environment. 30% Post-consumer fiber, Acid Free. 30 Sheets - 80 lb

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Order
ST643-9 9.5" x 12" $8.99 $6.29

Crescent Illustration Board
Picture shows backside of board. Frontside is white.

Crescent Illustration Board

300 lb. Cold Press All Purpose Crescent Board, 15" x 20". Medium textured surface. Medium weight. Acid free. Made in the USA. Use with all media and techniques.

Item Number Description List Price 20% Off Order

300 lb. CP Crescent Illustration Board,
15" x 20"

$3.90 $3.12

Bienfang Note Sketch Book, 8.5" x 11"

Bienfang Note Sketchbook Horizontal

This spiral-bound, paperback book combines the best of a notebook and a sketchbook. A great journal and way to organize your visual interpretations and thoughts.

Lines are spaced ¼" (6.4 mm) apart. Each book provides 64 pages of smooth, bright white, acid-free recycled paper. 19 lb.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Order
HB239-102 8.5" x 11" $14.22 $9.95

Bienfang Drawing Pad

Bienfang Giant Drawing Pads

Excellent when used for Pencils, Charcoal, Pastels, Pens and Ink. Bienfang Giant pads contain 50 sheets of 55 lb paper, tape bound at the top. Made from 50% recycled stock, acid free. Great medium surface drawing paper.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Order
HB230-721 9" x 12" Giant Drawing Pad, 50 sheet $6.50 $4.55

Bienfang Gridded Paper Pads

Bienfang Gridded Paper Pads

Bienfang's Gridded Paper is popular for designing, drawing, pattern making, etc. It has non-reproducing blue lines printed on both sides of the paper. Inch lines are bolder. Acid free. Smooth surface. 19 lb. (75 gsm).

Choose from 2 grid sizes, measured in squares per inch. (For example, 4 × 4 = 4 squares per inch, with each square measuring ¼ inch on a side, for a total of 16 squares per square inch.)

Item Number Description List Price You pay only! Order
SB910-590 Gridded Paper (4 x 4 grid), 8.5" x 11" - 50 sheets $8.17 $5.72
SB910-591 Gridded Paper (8 x 8 grid), 8.5" x 11" - 50 sheets $8.17 $5.72

Strathmore Medium Drawing Pads, Spiral Bound 400 Series

This acid free, natural white paper is ideal for illustrations and final drawings.  Suitable for any dry media, pen, ink and light washes. Heavy weight, durable, medium surface. 80 lb. - 24 Sheets / Pad

Strathmore Spiral Drawing Pad

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Order
ST400-3 8" x 10" Medium $6.49 $4.54
ST400-4 9" x 12" Medium $7.89 $5.52
ST400-5 11" x 14" Medium $10.79 $7.55
ST400-8 18" x 24" Medium $21.69 $15.18

Strathmore Mega Sketch Pad

Strathmore Mega Sketch Pads

Strathmore Mega Sketch pads contain 120 sheets of 50 lb paper, tape bound at the top in portrait format. Acid free. A light weight, lightly textured sketch paper suited for classroom experimentation, practice of techniques or quick studies with any dry media.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Order
ST350-409 9" x 12" Pad $10.29 $7.20

Strathmore 400 Series Sketch Pad
Strathmore 400 Series Sketchc Pad, 9" x 12"

A general purpose sketch paper for classroom, experimentation, or perfecting technique with pen, pencil and a variety of other media. Rugged spiral wire binding makes it ideal for field use. Spiral Bound (side).
Size: 9" x 12"
60 lb. - 100 Sheets / Pad

Item Number List Price 30% Off Order
ST455-3 $13.89 $9.72

Strathmore 400 Series Colored Pencil Paper
Strathmore 400 Series Colored Pencil Paper, Spiral Bound

Strathmore 400 Series Colored Pencil paper available in two sizes of spiral bound paper pads. Each spiral bound pad contains 30 sheets of 100 lb., acid free colored pencil paper for finished artwork. Medium surface. White paper.

Made in the USA.

Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
ST477-6 6" x 8" Colored Pencil Paper Pad $5.49 $3.84
ST477-9 9" x 12" Colored Pencil Paper Pad $11.79 $8.25

Strathmore 403 Series Pastel Paper Pad, 24 Sheets
Strathmore 403 Series Pastel Paper Pad

Weight: 80 lb. (9" x 12", 24 sheets) 118 g/m2
Surface: Textured

Media Applications: Graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, sketching stick, soft pastel, mixed media, and oil pastel

The textured finish and subtle colors of this paper make it ideal for oil pastel. Also suitable for soft or hard pastel.

Pad Features: Glue Bound Pads have flip-over covers. Assorted paper color tints. Acid free.

Made in the USA.

Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
ST403-9 9" x 12" Pastel Paper Pad, 24 sheets $7.79 $5.45

Strathmore Charcoal Pads

This textured surface provides an ideal foundation for charcoal and pastel.  Also suitable for oil crayon and other dry media. 64 lb. Acid free. 300 Series - Better.

Strathmore Charcoal Pad, 9" x 12"
Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
ST330-109 9" x 12" Pad,
32 sheets
$7.15 $5.01
ST330-118 18" x 24" Pad,
24 sheets
$21.59 $15.11

Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Pad

Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Pad

Smooth surface, acid free, heavy weight Bristol Pad. It's smooth finish is excellent for mechanical drawing, pencil, pen and ink. Ideal for experimentation with airbrush.
20 sheets per pad.

Item Number Size List Price 30% Off Order
ST342-9 9" x 12" $9.79 $6.85


ProArt Hardbound Sketchbooks

Pro Art Sketch Book ProArt Hardbound Sketchbooks contain 110, 65 lb. acid free sheets (220 pages). Perfect for recording your ideas while at class or on the go. Suitable for pencil, pen and ink and watercolor.
Item Number Size List Price Sale Price Order
PA0205-01 5.5" x 8" $8.95 $6.27
PA0205-03 8.5" x 11" $13.99 $9.79

We are proud to carry Strathmore drawing paper, Daler Rowney Drawing Paper, Loew Cornell Sketch Paper and many more high quality drawing paper for our artists!

Prices Given in US Dollars
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