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Pour Painting Art Supplies

Pour painting or fluid art painting is a technique that has been used for years. Artists use acrylic paint mixed with a pouring medium or resin to create a whirlwind of different effects ranging from ribbon pours, cells, and tree ring pours. There are many different ways to achieve these effects including a dirty pour, controlled dirty pour, and the flip cup technique. With our acrylic pour painting tools and supplies anyone can create a masterpiece of their own with the right technique.

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Helpful Pour Painting Tips!

  • There are three types of pour painting techniques: Dirty Pour, Direct Pour and Puddle Pour.
  • Having a clean workspace is essential for creating beautiful pour projects.
Paint Pouring medium ratio example
  • Try using household items to create unique and interesting effects. Strainers, soda bottle bottoms, funnels, and toilet paper rolls are great items to begin experimenting with.
  • Seal and protect your beautiful pour paintings with gloss, satin or matte varnishes and topcoats!

Liquitex Pouring Medium

Liquitex Pouring Medium is designed to reduce crazing in poured applications.

  • Dries clear, glossy and flexible.
  • Permanent and non-yellowing and water resistant when dry.
  • Slowly mix with Liquitex Professional Soft Body Artist Colors.
  • Ideal for pouring puddles and acrylic sheets.
Liquitex Pouring Medium
Liquitex Pouring Medium, 8 oz. - OVERSTOCKED!
Prices Reduced
Item Number Size List Price Sale Price Order
LX5408 8 oz. $15.99 $8.00
LX5432 32 oz. $39.99 $27.99

Liquitex Flow Aid, 4 oz.

Liquitex Flow Aid, 4 oz.

Liquitex Flow-Aid increases flow, surface penetration and work-ability of thinned acrylic colors. Just dilute with water before adding to acrylic colors. Do not mix with oils.

Available in a 4 oz bottle.

For use with acrylics.

Item Number Size List Price Sale Price Order
LX5620 4 oz. $10.49 $7.34

8 oz. Atelier Pouring Medium, Chroma

Thin paint so it pours evenly to form smooth even puddles! Atelier Pouring Medium increases color transparency, which enhances paint layering effects and helps paint to dry to a beautiful gloss finish. When dried, the paint film is flexible and durable.
"Acrylic Skins" can be created by pouring onto plastic sheets like glad wrap or plastic ring binder sleeves. Once the paint layer has dried, it can be peeled off and used for collage.

A special effects medium for pouring techniques!

Chroma Atelier Pouring Medium, 8 oz.
  • Thins paint for easy flowing pours
  • Forms smooth level paint film
  • Increases color transparency
  • Gloss finish
  • Peels off plastic sheets to create acrylic skins
  • Flexible & durable when dry
  • Dries clear
  • Easy water clean up

Item Number


List Price

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8 oz. Atelier Pouring Medium

$12.56 $8.79

DecoArt Paint Pouring Medium

A fluid additive specially formulated to enable paint to flow easily across a surface. It thins paint to the ideal consistency, creates cell effects, and reduces cracking and crazing. It will not slow down the drying time, alter the color, or lessen the adhesion of paint. Mix with Americana Acrylics or to create stunning effects on canvas, wood, or other art surfaces. Ratios can be adjusted for a variety of effects. Non-yellowing / Water-based.
Create a smooth, high-end finish with DecoArt's Clear Pouring TopCoat.

DecoArt Paint Pouring Medium
Paint Pouring medium ratio example

Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Order
DAS135-8 DecoArt Paint Pouring Medium, 8 oz. Jar $5.98 $4.19
DAS135-16 DecoArt Paint Pouring Medium, 16 oz. Jar $9.98 $6.99

DecoArt Clear Pouring TopCoat

Create a smooth, high-end finish with DecoArt's Clear Pouring TopCoat. Dries to a lacquer-like, high-gloss finish. Ideal for canvases, wood panels, or other flat art surfaces. This one-step formula eliminates the need to mix harsh chemicals and flows into a self-leveling, crystal clear coat that will not yellow, leaving your artwork with its original vibrance.
Simply pour onto canvas or other painted surface when dry and tilt to evening distribute a layer of Clear Pouring TopCoat!
Water-based / One-step process / High gloss finish

DecoArt Clear Pouring Topcoat

Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Order
DAS134-8 DecoArt Clear Pouring TopCoat, 8 oz. Jar $9.98 $6.99
DAS134-16 DecoArt Clear Pouring TopCoat, 16 oz. Jar $18.98 $13.29

DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze

A high-gloss glaze ideal for adding a protective finish with the look of depth to hard craft surfaces. Three times as thick, dries quickly and resists cracking. Only one coat is needed!
Great for wood, wicker, metal, plaster, paper mache, bisque, ceramics, painted china and many other surfaces!
Goes on smooth with no stroke marks, creates a glazed ceramic look, ideal for holiday projects, great for decoupage, can be used on wreaths and floral arrangements.

Deco Art Triple Thick Glazes
  • Goes on smoothly with no stroke marks
  • Finish adds the illusion of depth
  • Brushable product is non-toxic
  • Soap and water clean-up

Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Buy
DASTG01-3 2 oz. Triple Thick Bottle $2.58 $1.81
DASTG01-9 8 oz. Triple Thick Bottle $6.98 $4.89
DASTG01-36 8 oz. Triple Thick Jar
$6.98 $4.89
DASTG01-21 6 oz Triple Thick Spray Can
*Ships ground only*
$9.98 $6.99

Winsor and Newton Classic Deep Edge Cotton Canvas

Introductory Sale: Save 30% off the list!

Expertly stretched by hand, Winsor and Newton's Deep Edge Classic Cotton Canvas is made out of faultless, fine grade cloth which is primed with highly pigmented Gesso and is beautifully responsive to every brushstroke. The traditional cotton canvas surface has a medium texture, ideal for use with oil and acrylic paints.

Built for endurance, with solid spruce wood stretcher bars that are kiln-dried for strength and rigorously tested for warp-resistance. No other surface comes close.

For the ultimate surface, choose Winsor & Newton canvas.

Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
WN6201123-3 8" x 8", 3-Pack
20.3cm x 20.3 cm
$24.60 $17.22
WN6201121-3 8" x 10", 3 Pack
20.3 cm x 25.4 cm
$27.75 $19.43
WN6201124-3 9" x 12", 3-Pack
22.9 cm x 30.5 cm
$31.65 $22.16
WN6201082-3 10" x 10", 3-Pack
25.4 cm x 25.4 cm
$32.40 $22.68
WN6201085-3 11" x 14", 3-Pack
27.9 cm x 35.6 cm
$38.85 $27.20
WN6201086-3 12" x 12", 3-Pack
30.5 cm x 30.5 cm
$42.00 $29.40
WN6201087-3 12" x 16", 3-Pack
30.5 cm x 40.6 cm
$46.65 $32.66
WN6201093-3 16" x 20", 3- Pack
40.6 cm x 50.8 cm
$56.25 $39.38
WN6201095-3 18" x 24", 3-Pack
45.7 cm x 61.0 cm
$70.50 $49.35
WN6201098-3 20" x 24", 3-Pack
50.8 cm x 61.0 cm
$81.60 $57.12

Art Alternatives Cotton Canvas Panels

Art Alternatives Cotton Canvas Panels

Art Alternatives Cotton Canvas Panels are 8 oz. primed | 3 oz. unprimed cotton. Each cotton canvas panel is primed with acid-free acrylic gesso. Board is made out of 100% recycled materials.

Item Number
List Price
Sale Price
6" x 6" Cotton Canvas Panel
8" x 8" Cotton Canvas Panel
10" x 10" Cotton Canvas Panel

Empty Plastic Squeeze Bottles with Removable Tip-Caps

Plastic Squeeze Bottles

These plastic bottles are often used for applying dye in tie-dye or for mixing during pour painting. The applicator tip is a tapered cone shape and comes with a small removable tip-cap. There are an endless number of other uses for these standard studio tools, including application of paint, resist, glue and more.
Available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. bottles.

Item Number Description List Price You pay only! Order
MAC1004 8 oz. Plastic Squeeze Bottle $1.69 $1.35
MAC2004 16 oz. Plastic Squeeze Bottle $1.89 $1.51

Prices given in US Dollars